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 *Posted by Richard Paulsen on November 15, 2003 at 04:12:55:
 *Message was: Is there really anyone who buys Persian rugs? I have heard many companies say they due, but they try to sell me more rugs instead of showing an interest in buying. This is not the fault of the carpets I have, or so I am told.

I would like to hear from amyone who is really interested in buying these carpets.

I have two sets of Persian rugs that I am forced to consider selling due to a divorce. One pair (both sides of the same loom) is Kerman, approx. 5' x 7', with a red background and seal in the center.

The second pair I think is Tabriz, beige in color with brown and blue pattens. Has a Christian influence (crosses)and many other patterns.

Both are hand woven, of course, and were purchased by my parents in Tehran in about 1948 to 1953. Appraisers date the carpets at about 1948.

Both pairs are in excellent condition.

All inquiries welcomed

Photos are available upon request.

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