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 *Posted by Neil A. McManus on September 13, 2003 at 18:07:36:
 *In Reply to: jozan sarouk posted by Randy M on May 07, 2003 at 06:52:35:
 *Message was: Randy, I have been doing extensive research with regard to 1910 to 1930 Sarouk rug in the Wash.D.C. area because I am interested in selling my family carpet that is in storage. In talking with a local auction house representative I was told that $50.00/FT2 is at the upper end value seen at the monthly auctions. The dealers will mark the carpets up 100% generally from what they pay at the auctions, the auctions are open to anyone. If you know anyone interested in a 11.6' x 18' 1910 to 1930 Sarouk 400 KPSI in excellent condition, good pile, please pass on my email address. I have digital pictures from overall view to detail of the corners.
Thanks, hope this helps, starnge why I do not see much action on this board.
: I was recently in New York at a Major Dealer and saw a beautiful, perfect condition, 2'4" X 3'1" Jozan Sarouk. Great wool, good design, after much discussion the dealer and I got stuck at $1100. Do you feel this is a fair price in the current market?

: Thank you,

: Randy

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