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 *Posted by Sharon Huitt on September 11, 2003 at 21:23:21:
 *Message was: I recently bought a Rare Kerman Persian Carpet 6'x9' off Ebay for $1,125.00. They said the estimated value was $10,000.00. It is silk and wool and is 200 KPSI, and vegetable dyed. It is very beautiful, but much lighter in weight than I thought it would be. It is supposed to be 30 years old. It is a picture of a tree with birds in the tree, and water and animals at the base of the tree. It has knotted fringing on each end. It has blue, green, beige, brown, mauve, and burgandy colors. They said it was hand washed. It has a stapled tag on the back with a serial # M13-16-10 and says 100% handmade. It also has some arabec writing. My question is how do I know if it is a real Kerman carpet, and did I pay to much for it? Is there a way I can tell if it is authentic?
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