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 *Posted by ITKIB Auctioning Enterprises - Istanbul on September 10, 2003 at 02:46:36:
 *Message was: ITKIB (Istanbul Textile Exporters Association) Auctioning Enterprises, organizing weekly rugs & kilims auctions, will present an old Kula Praying Rug (Vase Kula - circa 1850) at this week's auction (September 11th.) in Istanbul besides 95 other rugs and kilims.
The opening price to be 1.500.000.000.- Turkish Lira (appr. 1.100 US $) for this rare piece. Anybody interested may check the web page www.muzayedeisletmeleri.org (which is in Turkish for the moment)
Exhibited rugs: http://www.muzayedeisletmeleri.org/muzayede/db_sonuclar.asp?mnudept=%25&mnuurun=%25&Submit=%3A%3A%2B%2BARA%2B%2B%3A%3A
This attractive rug can be interesting for those interested on old rugs and having contacts in Istanbul.

Kaya Sungur / Istanbul

PiyerLoti Cad. No:11 Çemberlitaş - Istanbul / Turkey
Tel: (90.212) 458 11 00 Fax: (90.212) 458 11 03

Auction Building:
Basin Muzesi (Press Museum) , Divanyolu Cad. No:84 Cemberlitas - Istanbul / Turkey
Tel: (90.212) 519 89 20

www.istanbulauctions.org (partly english)
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