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 *Posted by cyndi thompson on August 16, 2003 at 11:16:21:
 *In Reply to: Re: pet urine on Persian rug posted by Afshin Nejad on July 12, 2003 at 21:17:38:
 *Message was: : Dear Heather
: Do NOT throw out your rug!

: There are different methods to get rid of urine odor, but the easiest and simplest method is doing it yourself method. You do need to make a mixture of water, white vinegar and couple drops of liquid soap. The volume of the mixture is depending on the urinated area. OK! Go and get the following items:

: 1. White Vinegar (50%)
: 2. Water (50%)( t to cold temperature- Do NOT use Hot water)
: 3. Couple drops liquid soap (Do NOT use Dishwasher Detergent!)
: 4. Brand new sponge. (Do NOT use old and oily sponge!)
: 5. White Paper towel.

: People always asked me, why I do suggest vinegar for cleaning a handmade rug. Vinegar has doual functions and specially is very important factor for washing any handmade rug. Why?

: "h Vinegar cuts the odor from any urine or feces.

: "h The majority of dyes in handmade rugs are acid-base. Adding white vinegar to the water make the water more acidic. This acidic water prevent color bleeding (color running) and keeps the color to the wool. Just make sure apply the water and winger mixture to the small section of rug before applies it to the entire section.

: OK! LetíŽs go!

: "h Make a mixture 50%-50%. (White vinegar and Water) and couple drops of liquid soap.
: Use sponges and apply the liquid very softly to the urinated area, (Do NOT soak the rug with the liquid mixture!)
: "h Wait for 2 minutes.
: "h Use white paper towel to absorb as much as possible water out of the area.
: "h Do NOT use Brush
: "h Do NOT scrub on your pile.
: "h Make sure the rug is completely dry.
: "h After a day vacuum the rug.
: Hopefully the odor is gone by first trail. If the odor still there apply the same remedy one more time. If this time also didníŽt work contact me!

: Good Luck!

i have three large oriental rugs that were quite expensive over time the dogs we have three have urinated on them and i've always cleaned asap but sometimes i can't find it. i recently had my rugs by a profesional and when i put them back down the smell was awful. help what can i do. i can't believe my expensive rugs are completely ruined.

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