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 *Posted by Jackie on July 16, 2003 at 07:36:30:
 *Message was: I'm writing to introduce you to www.GiftsArmenia.com -- and invite you to visit our exclusive line of Ancient Armenian Miniature Carpet Needlework http://www.giftsarmenia.com/CARPET.htm. We also offer additional designs and can send you digital photos by request.

We have been selling the needleworks to collectors of oriental rugs as well as those who want to adorn their office or home with a piece of ancient Armenian tradition

GiftsArmenia is the exclusive marketer of the Ancient Armenian Miniature Carpet Needlework project -- a quality demanding needlework reflecting ancient Armenian motifs of various regions of present and historic Armenia. Profits from the sales help the women artisans who create the needlework continue their creative work.

I invite you to take a journey through ancient lands of Armenia and Arzakh by visiting our website and viewing our other handcrafted, unique gift items as well.

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