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 *Posted by Kianoush Ghaffari on July 02, 2003 at 01:50:16:
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Dear Sirs,

Hope all is well with you

It's our great pleasure to inform you that we are an Iranian commercial company and involved in weaving Handmade Kilims.

Kindly find our quotation of Persian handmade Kilims as follows:

Commodity : Persian Handmade Kilims.
Origin : Ardebil - Iran.
Delivery Terms : FOB.

Decorative Kilims:
Size : 32 x 28 cm.
Price : 3.00USD/Pc.

Prayer Kilims:
Size : From 85 x 60 to 100 x 70 cm.
Price : 22.00 USD/Pc.

Size : From 150 x 100 to 170 x 100 cm.
Price : 33.00 USD/Pc.

Please visit our website: www.aterco.ebigchina.com

We welcome all your proposals and comments.

Looking forward hearing from you

Best regards

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