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KPSI (Number of the Knots Per Square Inch)

You need a tape measurement. Look at the back of your rug. If your rug is NOT flat-woven, count the number of the knots in one inch and multiply it by itself.
Example: If you count 20 knots in one inch then your rug KPSI is 400.

4) How many Knots per square inch?

Answer: First, you should understand that the concept of Knots and why that is important. For example, Tribal rugs they do not have knots number structure. For city carpets using Knots as an indication of value makes more sense. As the number of knots increases usually the quality and price of the carpet will improve.There are two units are being used for knots counting. There are two units being used for knots counting.

RAJ (Number of the Knots in 7 centimeters)

KPSI (Number of the Knots Per Square Inch)
The formula to convert the RAJ to KPSI is :

[(RAJ/7) x2.54]^2=KPSI

For example a 30 Raj Kashan will have:

[(30/7)*2.54]^2= 118 KPSI

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