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 *Posted by Robert Farmer on May 27, 2003 at 10:51:57:
 *Message was: I recently purchased a carpet which was advertised as 110-130 KPSI. WHen the carpet arrived, I measured the KPSI at roughly 70-80 (10 knots on one side and 7 on the other of a 1inch square). I did this in 5 different places and averaged.

Upon contacting the company, I was told that my computations were incorrect, and I should count the linear knots in a 7cm length and multiply by 6.

Is this more or less kosher? I'm returning the carpet, but if the knot count is severly different from the advertised count he'll refund the total price. Otherwise, it's price - shpping/handling. The money is not that big a deal, I just want to make sure that I know what i'm talking about NEXT time ....

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