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 *Posted by kazbahman on May 22, 2003 at 12:44:52:
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Have you visited RugKazbah.com yet? If not let me invite you to visit our site:

Rugkazbah has two distinct areas that should be of interest to any Oriental rug dealer, collector or just plain fancier of this intriguing art-form.

The first is the kazbah itself where anyone can quickly and safely post photos and descriptions of any hand-made rug or textile for sale. Our simple and easy to follow registration and photo posting procedures makes posting items a snap and best of all there are no membership fees or per day charges to pay as are required by other websites. The only charge is a very reasonable 10% commission each seller agrees to pay upon the successful sale of an item.

Our novel selling method allows anyone to post as many items as they wish and to have them remain for sale as long as it takes to negotiate a successful sale. But more than that, it allows the seller to choose the selling method - to fix a price for an item or to put it up for bidding. And should unexpected circumstances arise, RugKazbah. com's innovative selling procedures allow sellers to change from a fixed price for their item to bidding or visa-versa. With our system, you the seller, are in complete control of how your item is sold - You make the rules, not us.

RugKazbah.com also offers buyers the opportunity to make offers directly to the seller and unlike most other auction sites there are no buyer commissions or other charges to pay. And best of all, buyers can use all and any means to win an item - everything is open and allowed. For instance, you could stop an auction on day one by making the seller an offer that can't be refused - remember it's the kazbah and anything goes until both the buyer and seller acknowledge to each other the deal has been consummated.

The second arena RugKazbah.com offers users is a discussion board where the same anything goes attitude is present. Unlike other all other discussion boards on other websites, there is no moderator or editor to oversee discussion- every aspect of the rug business and world is allowed and open territory for posting. Discussions about prices, auctions, pieces for sale here and elsewhere, personalities, gripes, recommendations any and everything is both allowed and condoned. We make no rules, you do.

In closing I hope this email peaks your curiosity and you pay us a visit.

I can promise our venue will both help you to sell your items your way at your own pace, purchase items from other sellers in a discrete and safe environment and allow you to discuss, enjoy and learn what you don't know or teach others what you do.

RugKazbah.com welcomes your patronage and also your comments and suggestions so please do not hesitate to email me at any time.

Best regards and looking forward to seeing you at the "kazbah".


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