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 *Posted by Alex on May 12, 2003 at 04:01:31:
 *Message was: Is it really a better deal to buy in the gulf?

I am currently in the Gulf and looking to buy a rug in the near future.

A few mates have bought rugs from some USO apporved dealers for $1800-2700. The higher priced were Nain (Habbian)-$2600 and $2800, The Tabriz-$1800. All 10x7.

All seeminly very good quality, the the measure mentioned on your site.

My question really stems from looking at your website and the fact that the prices seem cheaper in the US.

I expect to give these dealers a nice profit, however I would expect a considerable discount. Especially since I can save them some shipping, middlemen, etc.

Which is a better place to buy? Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dabi, ect?

thanks for the reply.

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