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 *Posted by Justin V. Riedmiller on April 29, 2003 at 03:54:51:
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Please help.

I have recently accquired a 1930's era Isfahan Persian Rug. It's 5x7, made of wool and silk, around 400 kpsi and is in excellent, condition. The main colors used in the rug are ivory (background), a dark red/burgundy, and a blueish teal color around the border of the rug. The fringe on the rug is very thin. The rug itself seems very thin and almost lightweight except you can tell its very, very tough & very durable. It has quite a beautiful design on it. From what I know the rug was used as a wall hanging many years. The back of the rug seems just as beautiful as the front of the rug. The problem I am having is that this is the first and last Persian rug that I will ever own. I am looking to sell it. I have taken it to a rug dealer, a antique roadshow type of thing in Balckhawk, CA, and to a collector in my area. The dealer said he'd gie me around $2,000, the roadshow place said retail $10,000-$15,000, but only get around 3-6K if I sold it. But the guy who gave me the verbal value asked if i wanted to sell the rug to him before he gave me the value. Stupidly I told him yes. The collector wanted to pay me $9,000. The only reason I haven't sold it yet is because there is a price tag attached to the back of the rug (computer generated) from when the last owners of the rug purchased it. The price tag shows a sales price of $24,510.00. I don't have the extra money to buy an appraisal and I would like to sell the carpet soon because I don't have the proper means to take care of a rug like this. What should I do? Sell it at auction? Is 9k a good price to sell it for? I have pictures that I can e-mail but I don't know the URL for the pictures to attach it to this letter. Please advise.
Thank-you in advance.
Justin V. Riedmiller

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