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 *Posted by Mareque Ireland on March 27, 2003 at 17:45:15:
 *Message was: First, I would like to say how impressed I am by the depth and quality of the information you provide on your website. I was also impressed that you did not try to sell me your rugs at every turn when I was at the stage of acquiring information but gave the impression that your main concern was imparting information. Though I know that you are of course in the business of selling, the plugs for your company were unintrusive so that when you did occasionally mention your services, it was welcomed. I will certainly keep an eye for your auctions on eBay.

I do have a question. We do not have drapes throughout most of our house, so quite a bit of sun would be hitting the rugs. How detrimental is sun to Persian rugs?

Thank you.


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