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 *Posted by elvis on March 02, 2003 at 21:43:39:
 *Message was: My name is Ablimit "Elvis" Ghopor and I am a businessman ,based in the city of Kashgar in Western China, specializing in the export of local handicrafts ( New Oriental rugs, musical instruments ,etc). In fact, I am featured in the Kashgar section of the Lonely Planet guide books to China, Central Asia and the Karakorom High way. I am currently looking for someone in England or the United States who can assist me in setting up a web site for my business. In this region of China I am faced with difficulties finding the resources necessary to create a suitable site, such as a scanner to poste pictures of my wares and forth.If there is anyone interested in partnering with me ( in a purely technical capacity-no investment necessary) Please contact at: elvisablimit@hotmail.com

Thank you

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