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 *Posted by Steve M on February 25, 2003 at 05:34:05:
 *In Reply to: Re: 60 RAJ Tabriz posted by Oldcarpet on February 24, 2003 at 14:18:07:
 *Message was: I've noticed that knot counts are somewhat different in different areas of the rug, is there any consenses on where to count the knots? For example, in the above rug, the knot count is 18-20/inch (50 Raj) in the border, and areas of background color, but 21-22/inch (60 RAJ?)in the middle in areas of detail. Is that common?

One other question. What do you mean by retail? Rug prices are all over the map. I truly doubt I could even find a similiar quality rug in a local carpet store for anywhere near $4500, but I've seen "BuyItNow" ads on Ebay for similiar rugs for well under $3000!

This is a hard hobby for a beginner!

: Steve:

: Most Tabriz Mahi's that I have seen are in fact 50 Raj. It is not uncommon for some dealers to give a higher number when it comes to Raj count. A 50 Raj Mahi Tabriz is still a good rug with high quality.

: A 9 by 12 Mahi could range in price anywhere from $3500 - $4500 RETAIL.

: Good wishes,

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