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 *Posted by Maybe on February 21, 2003 at 02:52:42:
 *In Reply to: Beloutch rug with odd wool posted by Sascha on February 19, 2003 at 07:37:59:
 *Message was: : The wool of the blue coloured parts looks very odd on closer
: inspection. I removed a knot. The wool threads are mixed blue and
: black. First question: Is it normal that the wool is hardly spun and twisted?

A short wool thread will appear less twisted than it was before it was cut. If the wool is mixed blue and black, it might be because wool from a black sheep has been mixed with white wool before being dyed.

: The surface of the strange threads looks somehow like plastic with a lighter blue color than the wool. It can be bent but it breaks quickly. What is it?

If you have a pet (cat, dog, rabbit...) with long fur, you may have noticed that there are two types of hairs in it: long, thick and shiny hairs and shorter, thinner, more curly hair. Same goes for certain sheep species! These two types of wool (from the same animal) do not behave the same when dyed and exposed to strain.

In Afghanistan they used to separate these two types of wool before making the carpet. The long and thick hairs (that break easily) would be used for the warp, and the shorter and softer ones for the pile. It was more work, but also more intelligent.

Anyway, today most rugs from Afghanistan are made with machine spun wool from New Zealand...

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