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 *Posted by Sascha on February 19, 2003 at 07:37:59:
 *Message was: Recently, I purchased from a well known shop in Germany
a new Beloutch rug from Afghanistan. It measures 1.50 * 1.00 meters and has approx. 320.000 knots per square meter.
(This should be approx. 200 knots per square inch).
The wool of the blue coloured parts looks very odd on closer
inspection. I removed a knot. The wool threads are mixed blue and
black. First question: Is it normal that the wool is hardly spun and twisted?

I found several threads in the knot that do not look like wool at all.
I estimate the strange threads make at most 10 percent of the blue
wool. While the wool is extremely thin, the strange threads measure 0.2 mm in width, 0.02 mm in depth and are as long as the wool threads, say 15 mm. They are easily visible on the back of the carpet
without using any glasses.
The surface of the strange threads looks somehow like plastic with a lighter blue color than the wool. It can be bent but it breaks quickly. What is it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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