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 *Posted by Carole on February 08, 2003 at 18:57:09:
 *Message was: I have been pouring over websites, info, prices and photos of Oriental rugs for a few weeks now. I have looked at the Sotheby sales and catalogues, watched the bids, bidders and seller feedback on eBay, and making price inquiries of online dealers in the US, the UK, Italy, Austria, Turkmenistan and Turkey. I have not looked at rugs produced in Pakistan, India or China, only those from Iran, Afghanistan and tribal rug producing areas of the former Soviet Union and Armenia.

After reading comments and articles on many different discussion boards regarding oriental carpets (congratulations for this discussion board!), I'm more confused than ever about whether a specific rug is worth the price being asked for it!

I've looked at all the criteria, read all the beginner's guides, but unfortunately, there is a vast difference in prices for rugs similar in design, wool, size, knots, provenence.

I consistently like the Shirvan, Senneh, Kazak and other 'tribal rugs', and have carefully followed sellers and buyers of these same on eBay.

I have seen some beautiful (to me) early century tribal runners rugs going for $1500 or less from sellers recommended on Barry O'Connell's 'Rug Notes' site ...yet I do not feel I am any closer to being able to say, 'that's a fair price' than I was before I started reading and looking! The task seems overwhelming.

I also like the silk and cotton shahsavans. You say shahsavans should run from $3-6/sq ft, but all online sites that have one I would buy are ALL charging at least $20-30/sf! I made 2 offers at a lower psf price, but the dealers did not accept.

Bottom line: where can I find an honest dealer offering a nice selection of shirvans and/or soumaks - shahsavans for a correct price?

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