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 *Posted by Carole on February 08, 2003 at 17:42:35:
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 *Message was: I lived many years in Morocco and at the time collected some nice kilims in years before they become popular and commercialized. But today try to buy a kilim or carpet in Morocco! You will pay twice the price you'd pay for the same one here in the US.

10 years ago I started spending time in Turkey (small village) and looking at rugs in the Grand Bazaar and in local shops. After a lot of looking and 3 not great purchases, I concluded that if you are not an expert, and do not have access to wholesale sources, you will do better buying fine rugs, even collector's rugs, here in the US.

The rug dealers in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul -- or in any shop in a tourist city round the world -- size you up when you walk in, and they are far more skilled at getting their price than you are at getting yours! They know how much a novice tourist will pay for any particular rug, and if you aren't willing to meet their lowest price, they will wait for the next guy who comes along. Even if you only pay 70% of the initial asking price, it is probably still more than what you would pay in the US, and certainly more than what you would pay on eBay.

As for the shops that tour guides take you into, remember that those guides get a commission from the shop, and those shops are tourist traps. Worse even than the Grand Bazaar.

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