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 *Posted by Michele on February 05, 2003 at 08:27:52:
 *Message was: Hi,

I'm hoping someone can provide info.

I've been doing my homework and learning about quality rugs.

I've decided to purchase two rugs the following are the specs I require (hope for):

two 9 x 12
Vegetable dye
over 140 kpsi
jewel tones
city rugs not tribal

One is for my living room the other dining room. For my living room I would prefer a Persian rug in excellent, "like new," shape. My room colors are Earth tones. I would like a rug that would appear at home in a "Viking's Room." I have gold faux walls with a baby grand in the room too. The room has Italian influence, luxurious but very comfortable. The colors need to be rich, rich, rich not the normal Persian flowery type.

In my dining room, I would go less expensive being the majority of the rug is under the table. My walls are a flowered coral paisley. My furniture is a Chippendale style, fruitwood color, very Victorian. I would prefer a dark rich color, the border being the important focus.

My confusion is price. I'm not quite certain what the sizes I wish command. Based on my homework it appears when the size goes to 9 x 12 there is a significant jump in price. In addition, to when the kpsi is in excess of 120. However, I need clarification.

Can you clarify pricing based on what I have determined will meet my requirements?

Your information is appreciated.


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