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 *Posted by Mary Graham on January 28, 2003 at 12:18:55:
 *Message was: I recently bought two rugs at a local auction. Both are of almost identical design and style. The auction house, which is one of the more reputable ones in the area said that they were looked at by an appraiser and classified. They listed both rugs as "Mood, Garden carpet" They are both wool/silk blend and of excellent quality. However, my own research on the rugs suggests that they might not be Mood at all. The style, design and use of silk appears to be more consistent with what most other dealers refer to as the style of Qum rugs. I'm including a link to a pic of one of the rugs.

They're beautiful and I love them both and would really like to know which area to attribute it to. I'm hoping someone can advise me as to which tribe/region is more likely to have produced the rugs.


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