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 *Posted by Pete Ficalora on January 18, 2003 at 14:08:20:
 *Message was: I purchased four Persian rugs in Italy in 1970. The rugs where manufactured in about 1968 according to a local rug appraisor. All of these rugs are in excellent condition. They inclued a 7x10.5 Sarouk with an Ivory field, red medallion and borders outlined in blue, semi-opened field. The rug is village/pile weave, with Sehna knots 100/SE.
The Second rug is a Kashan 6.7x9.10 Creme field, tan all over pattern and borders outlined with chocolate brown. It's village/pile weave with sehna knot density of 195/SI
A Joshigan 5.4x8.5 snowflake pattern of diamond shaped floral motife worked in clear tones of cherry,red, blue, gold,and green. Village/pile weave with sehan knots 132/SI
A Qum 4.4x6.7 with repetitious pasley diamond pattern in main field and border, two secondary borders soft blue. Village/pile weave with sehna knots at 255/SI.

These are beautiful rugs and I would like to keep them, but I have a need to sell them. I have had them appraised and certified as to condition and discription.

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