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 *Posted by afshin nejad on December 17, 2002 at 17:06:41:
 *In Reply to: Killim posted by leandro on December 17, 2002 at 13:40:24:
 *Message was: : I need to know wether a killim is silk woven Dear Leanardo

I appreciate your email. Kilim is flat woven type or rug. Kilim can be made using wool or pure silk. In KILIM both back and front can have the same looks and shape. I hope I answer your question in timely manner. We are in process to add a complete section about KILIM. There is a unique Flat woven rug that it called Soumak and usually mistakenly called by people as KILIM. There are many Soumak made by silk specially new one. If you are looking to know more about SOUMAK look at:

Soumak front looks like KILIM but back is different.

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