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 *Posted by afshin nejad on December 07, 2002 at 11:15:27:
 *In Reply to: Habibian posted by allouc on November 28, 2002 at 02:14:43:
 *Message was: I appreciate your comments about Oldcarpet.com. You are absolutely right; we are just showing the fake HABIBIAN's signatures on rugs. We are in processing to contact HABIBIAN Company in IRAN to be able to display the original rugs with signature, so you were be able to compare them. Unfortunately, adding a fake a signature to a rug is getting very common practice for many dealers!
As soon as we have the pictures and information we will display them. HABIBIAN never made an ANY 9 LA rug! Yes I am sure! If you bought a rug 9 LA with HABIBIAN signature on it, You bought looks a like one! Do not be disappointed, there are so many fake signature Habibian that have excellent visage and quality. Please feel free to contact me if you do have any question or suggestion.

Thank You
Afshin Nejad

Fake Serafian! L@@K!!!!
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