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 *Posted by afshin nejad on October 21, 2002 at 18:32:58:
 *In Reply to: Djavan Tabriz valuable? posted by Werner on October 21, 2002 at 11:56:49:
 *Message was: Dear Werner

I appreciate your message in our message board. I wish you were able to send me some pictures of your rug. If I am guessing right you do have a masterpiece at home. I do believe you do have a rug made by "'Javan Amir Kizi" not Djavan TABRIZ. You rug should be around 1920-1930. Your rug is a true antique peace. Do not lose it Cheap!

Javan Amir Kizi and Mahmoud Ghailiche are two master weavers that were working for Edward E. Benlian.
Edward E. Benlian was an Armenian who lived in England.

Your rug worth a lot even in this low market, but you have to send us some pictures and look at the signature of the weaver on the rug.

If you are looking for more information please look at Barry O, Connell web site:


Thank You
Afshin Nejad

Javan Amir Kizi, TABRIZ
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