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 *Posted by erolby on October 14, 2002 at 15:04:09:
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It is my opinion that high/low pile has nothing to do with wear, rapid or slow. I guess high piles has a longer history than low pile rugs in ultimate sense [if we assume that "cutting" technology appeared after "knotting" technology.] Later, cutting the piles must have a solution to cleaning problem of high pile rugs. But later, after low pile rugs have spreaded everywhere, people, especially wealthy people probably demanded high piles again due to their relatively more comforts and, again, due to their nostalgic feelings again. Then, high pile rugs started to gain the value again. So, high and low piles are a result of pile rug progressing in time. Remember that kilims or flatwovens which are oldest weavings and which were considered worthless comparing with pile rugs years ago are now much desired weavings. Again, because of nostalgic feelings of people?

: I noticed that some rugs, like Bidjars, have medium- to high-clipped pile while others like Turkmen rugs have very short clipped pile.

: Other than to emphasize the clarify of the design, is there a reason why some designs have the pile clipped so low? It seems from an explanation from some folks that the shorter clipped pile would lead to more
: rapid wear.

: James

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