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 *Posted by erolby on October 13, 2002 at 16:24:39:
 *Message was: Hello. It is good to find a classic "wwwboard" forum. In last years, forums on the net have changed. Registering, Login, Moderation, etc etc all are boring. I appreciate yours is public. Since that wwwboard script is giving error on my site I had to open a forum on Yahoo [link to HaliKilimci forum is on the page below.]

Well, while I am at a Persian rug site - let me start a discussion. I saw, on a discussion forum of an "informative" rug site, a learned one saying that "Gabbeh" is a Persian word, and he adds Gabbeh means Carpet or Carpet with piles. Before I say my opinion - I'd like to hear your detailed explanation of the word Gabbeh. Thanks.

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