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Zhuhai Light Industrial Products Arts & Crafts Co.
Add.:Qingchu Building No.19 Dongfeng Road Qianshan Xiangzhou
District,Zhuhai City,Guangdong Province 519070, China
Tel: +86-756-213-1271,
Fax: +86-756-225-0652,

Our archaized carpets made in Tibet by Tibetans take on Tibetan materials --- exclusively from Himalayan wool with hands weaved which is characteristically flexible, strong, lustrous and springy, This gives the carpets a wonderful look with a depth and richness achieved through subtle variations of color and texture, these archaized carpets have sizes different for corridor, lobby and door, main patterns are emblem, flowers and animals with unique style of Tibetan, all carpets integrates the functional value into appreciative value, ití»s especially popular with foreigners in China.These prices are very competitive and quality is the best, welcome wholesale and mail order

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