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 *Posted by Afshin Nejad on September 20, 2002 at 09:28:15:
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 *Message was: Dear Allouc

I appreciate your message in our message bord. You have an interesting question.

Where should you buy your rugs if you have a choice?

Obviously, you will have more chooses to select if you will be bale to have access to the source, but There is a big "BUT" attached to it. If you are looking to buy a rug or a carpet in country like IRAN, TURKEY, INDIA, PAKISTAN and CHINA, you do have more selection but not neseccry better RUG.

I do know many people who bought many rugs and carpets from rug producing countries and they had been assumed that they were made a big saving. They figured out their mistake when they came back to the US and tried to sell the rugs or carpets.

The worst case scenario is when you by Chinese HEREKE (Excellent Turkish Silk Rug) in TURKEY and you do not know that you are buying a Chinese HERKE in TRUKRY.

However, If you do know exactly what are you looking for and you do know how to barging with the local dealers(Good Luck!) then you have a better deals, means good quality rug with lower price.

You do need to have experience and trust me those dealers are experts in art of negotiation!!!

You have better quality choose in the US, Italy or Europe especially when you buy your rug from a reputable rug dealers. They have done their homework's and usually they select nice rugs and carpets from producing countries. Obviously, you pay more for in US or Europe compare the same rugs in producing countries, but usually they do have return policy and usually the quality of the rugs and carpets are better.

My last advices for those travelers that are going to the producing rug country are:

1- Before your trip, look at you local rug dealers rugs and take a camera with you, take pictures of rugs that you like. Write their price and keep the pictures and price with you. You should buy the same rug approximate 1/2 or 1/3 of that price in producing courtiers
2- When you go the producing country start your search right away.
3- Narrow you choice (make sure what are you looking for, budget, size...)
4- Never, Never, Never buy any rug in the first store.
5- You should look at least 5-10 store before making any decision or even offer.
6- Start shopping earlier, do not wait till the last day of the trip.(Big Mistake)
7- If you traveling with the tour do not shop in the store that tour guide recommends, you are better of going to other store. Usually, there is under the table deal between the rug dealers and tour guide!
8- Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate.
9- You should look at least 5-10 store before making any decision or even offer.
10- Cash is the "King" But Plastic is your "Protector". Rug dealers give you lower price if you pay them cash but using credit card (Plastic) is not bad idea. Credit cards give you some fraud and price protection that cash doesn't offer. Just make sure you do have customer protection policy.(Check your credit card policy)
11- I am a believer of Knots counts to define quality. (Some people do not believe it, with respect to them), take a type measurement and check the knots on the back of the rugs. Do it your self and do not relay on the dealers!
12- Walk out of store if you feel sales pressure!

Good Luck!

Sorry for long answer, I just try to be helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you do have any question or suggestion.

Thank You
Afshin Nejad

How to buy Rugs and Carpets?
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