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 *Posted by Regina Porter on September 08, 2002 at 15:15:17:
 *Message was: I am an american that lived in Iran for three years. In those years I learned how to weave Kashan rugs from my mother in law who's family had been Carpet weavers for centries.

Now that I live in America, I would love to make another beautiful carpet again. However, since I live in Denver, I haven't been able to find some one to set a loom for me. Most of the Iranians here have been in America to long to learn the art of carpet weaving.

If you have any information for me I would deeply appricate it. I am also looking for supplies. I brought puda rue and puda zir with me along with sissors and combs from Iran, but they two have disapeared over the years.

Please help if possible

Regina Jalaly-Porter

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