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 *Posted by Taylor Kimmel on April 24, 2004 at 14:13:52:
 *Message was: Here are copies of my two previous e-mails. Thank you again, but please confirm cancellation of my order.

Afshin: Thank you very much for the excellent service. I do appreciate it, however, this carpet will not work out after all - too much of the light blue color throughout the rug. Unfortunate, but there it is. I have reviewed the rest of your on-line gallery and cannot seem to find other candidates that would suit my decor. If you come across something predominantly dark red, navy blue, possibly tea washed, please advise. I prefer the darker, more muted hues.

Please cancel my order, but be advised that I will definitely recommend your excellent services to my friends and aquaintences. Thank you again for your assistance.


Please confirm order cancellation. Thank you again for your assistance. Sorry it didn't work out.

Taylor Kimmel

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