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 *Posted by Louis Bardis on August 16, 2002 at 15:02:20:
 *Message was: I purchsed a small Gabbeh rug from Rugman.com. I found the internet website through a link on Old Carpet.com. Unfortunately, when I received the rug it was not a genuine Persian carpet. At least with my experience with rugs it does not resemble any rug I would consider to be of Persian origin. First of all, the wool is rough and clipped around the edges. The weave and knot arrangement on teh back of the rug looks just like an Indo when I placed the rug next to an Indo rug in my shop. The visage is thin and weak. So, I was dissatisfied with my purchase, and, eventhough I think Old Carpet.com has alot of valuable information I would suggest to look into Rugman.com.
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