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 *Posted by Eulália Gomes on March 31, 2004 at 03:14:23:
 *Message was: 1)Hereke pure silk 1,79m x1,25m=2,24sqm

Hi Afshin Nejad
Thank you very much for your reply. Any way I can not send you the images every time I received a error message.
Can I ask you some help? A friend wants so buy some rugs but are unxious about the quality and the prices, could you please help me? I send to you the information I have and the prices, please ... what kind ot questions is important to make to the buyer? What do you think about that prices?
Many Thanks
1)Hereke pure silk 1,79m x1,25m=2,24sqm
Price: $ 11,000

2)Hereke pure silk 1,87m x1,30m=2,43sqm
Price: $ 12,000
3)Hereke pure silk 1,88m x 1,28 m = 2,41 sqm
Price: $ 10,500
4)Hereke wool on cotton 3,55m x 2,74m = 9,72sqm
Price: $ 11,000
5) Kayseri Pure silk 3,17m x 2,19m =6,94 sqm
Price: $ 21,000

All Silk Hereke Carpets are 10 x 10 = 100 double knots/sqcm
silk Kayseri carpets are 9 x 9 = 81 double knots/sqcm

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