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 *Posted by Richard on March 30, 2004 at 13:56:27:
 *Message was: - I'd appreciate any comments about 2 rugs we have acquired. The first is labeled "Qashgie", which I take to be
Qashqai, but it doesn't look much like any example I can find online.
It's very soft -- ( reminds me of silk the way it drapes) tufted, (not flat weave) about 5'2" x 7'. The primary color is a beautiful pink to reddish copper with black, cream and browns. I have some photos posted.
The second is 8 1/2' x 11' -- all colors muted -- principal elements are green ( ranging from sage to forest) with browns and black, field is pale gold-mustard
with a bit of pink in border ( they work, surprisingly!). Design is four fold mirror symetric, a large poppy(?) pod
and leaves and smaller plant motifs, and most striking in the middle of an abstract curvlinear element are is a block capital "E" (?), and a double barred cross. There's some wear but appears very even.
We were told (not by the seller ) that the knot count was about 80, and that it could be afghani.

Thanks for any information you can pass on.
The pictures can be seen at

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