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ICOC Down Under 2004
The Oriental Rug Society of New South Wales and the Powerhouse Museum
present 'ICOC Down Under' as a regional conference in Sydney,
Australia, September 16-19, 2004. Read more about ICOC Down Under

Preview - Sotheby's auction April 2th 2004
Sotheby's holds the auction "Carpets" April 2th in New York. The sale
include 206 high priced and exclusive rugs and textiles. Prepare your
self for a price level at minimum 5.000 USD and above. Take a look at
a small selection from the preview.

Buying rugs in Turkey - Rah Rah "Kilims"
Perhaps you have been in Turkey as a tourist and visited rug shops to
find a collectable rug to bring home as a souvenir. Most rug shops
have a large inventory of both new Turkish pile rugs and flatweaves
but a real collectable rug seems hard to find for the tourist. Some
will fall for a very nice rug called Rah Rah "Kilim".......read more

Travelling in Iran by Lars N. Nygaard
Lars N. Nygaard is carpet dealer and President of the Norwegian Art
and Antiquedealers Association. Jozan Magazine has published articles
from his journey in 1997. The original article is published in
several parts:

Ivan Soenderholm

Jozan Magazine
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