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 *Posted by Jon Shockley on March 21, 2004 at 18:43:43:
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: I am interested in purchasing a Tabriz Mahi rug, about 8x10 feet. How much should I expect to pay for one made in Iran? How about a Sino-Persian rug? What are some "tests of quality" that I can use (i.e. how do I measure kpsi, how can I tell about the dyes used in the rug)? I would like a wool rug with silk accents; a new rug is preferable, but an older rug in excellent condition is ok, too. Also can you recommend dealer/store in Southern California for this purchase?
: Thanks,
: Bartie,
Nice, they're alot finer than those comercial hunting tabriz, and you can expect to probrably pay double the price of a hunting tabriz. I've never really noticed any real mark-up for silk accents. Sino-Tabriz would probrably run about 1/3-1/4 the price of a mahi. All the newer ones i can remember, use Chemical dyes, (they will be bright) usually hard to tell from the ones produced by Afghans (but I've only seen a few).
I'm in the SE USA, and I usually see mahi tabriz run for (approx 6-8 X 9-11) for about $6000, and up from there I believe. Of course there are are always exeptions. I just saw a 3X5-4x6ish the other day for well under $1000.
About the kpsi, unless your stuck choosing from more than 1 rug , woven in the same area, then I wouldn't worry about it (you can usually compare the back and tell right away). A sino-Persian is going to be alot finer than an Oushak or a Serapi. Once you are familar with how fine weaves usually are, then it's easier.
Speaking of other weaves you might want to check out Nian and other city rugs from persia if you want a fine, thinner pile. Any semi-antique or older chinese (about54+ yrs) should be very fine, but unlike the sino-Persians they make now, they were actually more traditional chinese/budhist designs and colors. I'd advise doing some research before purchasing, or find a dealer you can trust. Good Luck. If it helps try www.webspawner.com/users/masterweaver (<--dunno if it is going to show up, or just leave a big blank space)
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