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 *Posted by Jonathan Shockley on March 21, 2004 at 18:12:34:
 *In Reply to: silk rug posted by Katrina Sjoberg on March 16, 2004 at 10:42:43:
 *Message was: : We have a beautiful silk rug that we bought from a Persian gentleman while living in Europe. It is not handwoven, it seems to be machine woven. Our Persian friends feel that it is a fine carpet, but another Persian dealer said that it was made in China. We are trying to establish the value so that we can sell it. We have enjoyed it for many years and would like to let it go to someone else who can enjoy it also.
: How can we determine the actual value?

Find a certified appraiser, someone who can:
-properly ID the materials (if it is real silk Chinese or Persian big difference) and country of origin.
-If it is chinese they have been a reproductive country since about 1950, so anything made afterward are mass produced non-original peices that dealers can pick out of 100's or 1000's just like it , and have shipped by the truckloads. Silk has it's own sorted qualities, also, so you need someone who knows it.
-If it is actually Persian, Iran has many regions/cities/villages/tribes that have distinct features. You would need a dealer who knows them, and can point out any special features about it, if anything sets it apart from the rest, chinese usually make some of the best of the best "reproductions and fakes" you'll find out there. (I've noticed shapes of the silk knots from the back are important in appraising them)
Dealers can tell you anything because they want to buy low and sell high to someone who appreciates it more. Alot of times it's sad because less honorable dealers can out-right lie on a verbal appraisal, for the simple fact that you didn't buy it from it them. If you got it, overseas, in a place where tourism is high, you probrably paid at least as much as you would have paid here.
If you take it to someone, who is certified by an organization who doesn't let the rogue dealers in (like the ones who have the goingouttabuisness several times a year) you're alot safer, dealers or not.

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