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 *Posted by Tom on February 04, 2004 at 06:55:45:
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 *Message was: : Hi,

: We're in the market for an area rug. Nothing fancy in design. We were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at a store called Heriz Rug Company. The rugs that drew our attention were very simple in design with large solid colors throughout. There were no mosaics or intricate details to speak of - only very simple border and largely colored areas.

: The owner was from the middle east. I think Iran.
: The rugs we like had very tiny markings that she said, "were the designers name." The little arabic signature or scribble made it a nice touch. To me one looked like an animal the size of nickel or quarter. Sometimes these markings were in the corners and with other rugs it seemed random but no more than 6 or 8 throughout.

: Does anyone know what origin this type of rug is from and if there's a name for it?

: I guess I can call the company and ask them but I thought to first try here.

: Thank you,

: Tom

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