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 *Posted by Saffy on January 26, 2004 at 04:43:08:
 *Message was: Hi everyone

This is my first rug post so please be gentle! :)

I was given this rug (photo attached) as a gift over a year ago. It was bought in Kabul, Afghanistan and I wonder what type of rug it is? Its approx 1.6m by 1.2m in size, I remember being told it was raw/pure silk? It doesn't look like the silk I know! But it seems to be quite tightly woven. Would this 'silk' just be the backing or could it be what it is woven from? I'm a total rug novice!

From searching many websites I wondered if it could be a Belouch/Baluch from the use of guls in the pattern and I can just make a number out on the back of it but thats all I know!! As for price I have no idea what it might be worth or even if it is worth getting it valued? Many thanks for any ideas!!!

Here is the link to the photos of the rug.


Saffy :)

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