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 *Posted by Afshin Nejad on January 09, 2004 at 11:44:40:
 *In Reply to: Persian rug with change in dye lot? posted by britt myers on December 28, 2003 at 15:23:13:
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Hi Britt

Your rug is OK. You do have rug with ABRASH?

What is Abrash?

Refers to the hue or color change found on many older rugs, particularly those woven by nomad tribes. Abrash also is indication of traditional materials and dyeing practices. The variations in color are usually the result of inconsistent dyeing of the wool, or through the introduction of a new wool batch while weaving the carpet.

If you are looking to know more about other rug terminology please look at:



Afshin Nejad

Rug Glossary
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